Accelerating Universal Access to Early and Effective Tuberculosis Care

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Wednesday, January 7, 2026
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Life science/Healthcare

This website provides information on the "Accelerating Universal Access to Early and Effective TB care" a project initiated by World Bank to address TB in India. The objective of the Accelerating Universal Access to Early and Effective Tuberculosis (TB) Care Project is to support the aims of India's national strategic plan for tuberculosis control to expand the provision and utilization of quality diagnosis and treatment services for people suffering from tuberculosis. There are three components to the project, the first component being new strategies to reach more tuberculosis patients with earlier and more effective care in the public and private sectors. The second component is the scale-up and improves diagnosis and treatment of drug-resistant tuberculosis. Finally, the third component is to expand public tuberculosis services integrated with the primary health care system. This component will focus on expanding and improving public sector TB services increasingly integrated with the government primary health care system. The IDA credit will finance activities at the national level, including for technical assistance, diagnostics, anti-TB medicines and other eligible expenditures, contributing to the following

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This website provides the financial information on the World Bank project. There is categorized systematic information on the project and the financials. This information will be particularly helpful to researchers examining TB project financing by World Bank.
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