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Tuesday, January 28, 2014
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Accenture Technology Vision is an annual report on tech trends. In 2014, they announce that "every business is a digital business, whether you are digitally disrupted or a digital disrupter. In their view, "Industrial companies are becoming customer service companies. Consumer products companies are becoming Internet companies. Energy companies are becoming information companies. And media and entertainment companies are becoming logistics companies." The six trends are: 1. The digital-physical blur, 2. From workforce to crowdsource, 3. Data supply chain, 4. Harnessing hyperscale, 5. Business of applications, and 6. Architecting resilience.

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Paul Daugherty, Acccenture CTO
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Accenture Technology Vision is well written, lavishly presented, and the 2014 report aptly summarizes some current trends around tech adoption in enterprises. The main difference from their 2013 report is that they feel technology is now penetrating more deeply into all industries, and is not just a niche concern. The 2014 report is more a guide to implementation than a radical change from their 2013 observations, which shows continuity. The Technology Vision is published each year by the Accenture Technology Labs, the research and development (R&D) organization within Accenture, which is different from other consulting white papers which are more obviously just marketing statements. The report is amply footnoted and provides for further research, although there is no indication of which notes would be the key references used. The research methodology seems to have been internal crowdsourcing within Accenture, using the third party crowd enablement platform Spigit Engage, taking on board some 3000 ideas from 850 participants. The results were refined using certain specific impact criteria. Overall, this is an interesting and quite thorough approach, again, unusual detail on the process is provided for a freely available consulting report.
Yegii Reviews:
This doc is very well-laid out, and gives a wide variety of detailed data. Based on the idea of "Every Business Is a Digital Business", the doc helps with understanding how companies like Disney and P&G use technology to their great advantage. submitted by mack on Mon, 07/14/2014 - 17:39