Get PAID to apply for a job: Yegii seeks social media/lead generation specialist

Yegii, Inc.


Yegii, the insight network, is looking for a part-time lead/demand generation specialist in an independent contractor role, potentially to convert into a full time role. In order to apply for the position, you will take part in a part time challenge to assess your skills, but you were will be paid for the time you are involved in applying for the position.

The ideal candidate: You have a passion for writing and using varied forms of communication to share knowledge build relationships, educate, and entertain. You can be an individual or a firm but must be familiar with the inbound marketing model where you influence and generate market opportunities through thought leadership and content pushed through social media.

The role entails: You will manage the content calendar and publishing across Yegii social media platforms (Yegii, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc.). Your explicit target would be to gain mindshare among potential clients and experts relevant to Yegii’s focus—strategy consulting on industry disruption—across healthcare, life science, IT, finance, energy and manufacturing—caused by technology, policy, business models, or user dynamics.

We are looking for: individuals/teams/firms with the following backgrounds: journalism, social media, technology, marketing/PR, business development, teaching, etc. A track record and references would be good but is not required. Desired skills: familiarity with Drupal and Hubspot. The role would be virtual, although biweekly face-to-face meetings in Cambridge, MA or Boston Metro West would be desirable.

How to get involved:To become involved, one must follow two simple steps. The first is to register and identify your experience as an expert on the Yegii platform here. The second step is to log back into the page you are reading now, being logged in, to submit an initial online response here to the Stage 1 Question to see if you advance through to Stages 2 and 3: What are your thoughts on the most efficient way for Yegii, specifically, to develop a stronger customer base through demand generation over the next 6 months?

Individuals who complete Stage 3 will be paid a maximum of $400 per expert with an additional 20% to be paid as a team bonus for excellent work. This challenge may be awarded to 3-8 people depending on the seniority and depth of ideas presented in the initial stages of the competition. During this period, your ideas, team behavior, and output will be evaluated. The selected individual or team will be in a strong position to win the engagement/position we are recruiting for.

While referring to marketing collateral and links is appreciated, you need to answer the specific questions asked in order to be considered.

Deadline: Friday, February 05 , 2016
What are your thoughts on the most efficient way for Yegii, specifically, to develop a stronger customer base through demand generation over the next 6 months? Generic strategies will be given less weight than specific ideas and strategies that resonate with Yegii’s brand and approach.

Deadline: Monday, February 08, 2016

Deadline: Monday, March 07, 2016