Seeking experts on strategies to mobilize industry towards a TB-free India

Janssen (a J&J company)
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If you are a global health expert, an innovator, an expert on multinationals, or have significant business experience in India, you may be the perfect expert to join a rapid response team writing up initial recommendations before 16 December 2015.

How to get involved
To become involved, one must follow two simple steps. The first is to register and identify your experience as an expert on the Yegii platform here. The second step is to submit an initial online response here to the easier question: What are the key factors affecting the quality of life of garment factory workers in Southeast Asia?

TB intervention has a long history in India, it has not always been successful, but a lot of resources have been invested and a lot is at stake. According to TB Facts, 40% of the Indian adult population is infected with latent TB. Active TB causes major human suffering at the cost of 100 million lost work days per year. According to the Indian newspaper, The Hindu, India’s vast private sector, manages 60 per cent of all TB patients.

Janssen, a J&J company, through Yegii, the insight network, seeks to develop the best strategy(ies) in order to create a coalition of multinational companies to make major progress on reducing TB prevalence in India, including the ambitious goal put forward around a TB-free India (see Government of India’s Call to Action for a TB-Free India) in partnership with the corporate sector.

The study should give a cursory summary of what has been accomplished in TB intervention in India so far, and by whom, taking into account the work of actors such as the Government of India, USAID, WHO, UN, and foundations, including summarizing who the main players are right now.

This brief study should elaborate on key factors such as health infrastructure, policy environment, regional v. state v. district role in health intervention, distrust with public private partnerships (ppp), and the need to involve and motivate frontline workers locally. Also relevant are the specific roles of multinationals when it comes to global health in India v. other severely affected countries, the size of the challenge, drug resistance, early diagnosis, infection control and prevention of transmission, social and psychological support and a patient-centric approach etc.

Should India be the main target for international intervention now? Give an overview of the advantages, disadvantages, and particular challenges with the Indian situation.

What are some best practices of industry involvement in related goals? What are the risks? Who should take the lead? What ideas are lacking from the current debate. What data needs to be gathered in order to choose the right approach? What management framework could be used? What are some sociocultural dimensions to keep in mind? What could the role of technology, entrepreneurship, and startups be in gaining momentum with a new approach?

Finally, the study should recommend what Janssen’s optimal role would be, taking into accounts its strengths, current and future engagement and interest in India.

NB: The max. compensation per team member is $7500 up to a max of $22500 if the challenge is awarded to a 3 person team. Whilst they/you are free to compete to join and contribute to the team solution, no government officials or practicing physicians may receive payment as part of this project.

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About Janssen (the client)
Janssen Global Services LLC consists of more than 30,000 people working hard to prevent, treat, cure and stop some of the most devastating and complex diseases of our time. Janssen is the pharmaceutical arm of the multinational life science giant Johnson & Johnson, which operates in 60 countries, has 126,500 employees and $74.3 Bn in revenue (2014).

Deadline: Wednesday, December 02 , 2015
What would motivate industry to support a TB free India?

Deadline: Friday, December 04, 2015

Deadline: Wednesday, December 30, 2015