Expert Selection Criteria

Experts are selected based on a variety of criteria, including responses to the questions, experience, education, profession, team diversity, Yegii expert rank, innovative edge, research skills, and ethical fiber, among other factors. Experts are from many backgrounds, including consulting, law, academia, government, industry, startups, and social entrepreneurship.

Teams are selected to typically have a blend of domain expertise, geographic perspective, consulting, writing skills, and project management skills. Yegii strives to provide a client with truly bold, innovative, multidisciplinary teams. Each client may add specific requirements for skills that absolutely need to be part of a team.

Certain projects are more competitive and receive more expert submissions. If you do not make a final project team that is not necessarily a reflection of your qualifications. We encourage you to apply for other business challenges on behalf of our Yegii clients and to keep improving your Yegii rank.