Insight network Yegii aims to eradicate Ebola in 100 days

WELLESLEY, MA – September 8, 2014-- -- Yegii Inc., the insight network, is announcing the kickoff of Eradicating Ebola in 100 days, the business consulting challenge that is launching today on Yegii is looking for a small team of contributors, calling on medical personnel, infectious disease specialists, Ebola survivors, relief workers, technologists, data scientists, pharma industry players, policy makers, Africa experts, academics, MBAs, social scientists, and healthcare consultants to solve this worldwide challenge. For more information, go to:

Yegii’s crowdsourced, expert-on-demand challenge will explore solutions to the world's Ebola problem from medical, technological, political, business model and population dynamics angles. The key questions to resolve are: What are the concrete steps that would eradicate Ebola in 100 days? Who needs to agree? Who must implement? The deadline to contribute is 26 September 2014.

Findings will be made available to the public on and will be handed over to the WHO, US, EU and relevant African governments, and will furthermore be sent to major pharma players, startups, and NGOs. Institutions interested in co-marketing or sponsoring this challenge, can contact
“The only way to eradicate Ebola in 100 days is to bring together the people who have the breadth of expertise to see the whole picture. No existing organization has this capability. Yegii does not simply crowdsource Ebola knowledge but it provides a process aimed at actionable insight to stop it. If you have ideas, join us now.” Trond Undheim, PhD, Founder, Yegii, Inc.
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Eradicating Ebola in 100 days (Yegii challenge):

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Contact: Tina Choi, COO