NEW Report: The Impact of Cryptocurrencies on Banks (2014)

WELLESLEY, MA – November 2, 2014-- -- Will emerging technology reshape banking? What should a bank do to prepare? What is the upside? What is the downside risk? Yegii’s pathbreaking report examines the potential uses of cryptocurrency networks, including Bitcoin and Ripple, from a banker’s perspective and offers recommended steps to adoption. Banks that follow the advice given in this report can turn a threat into a major opportunity.

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Yegii's unique method of sourcing knowledge through a global call for experts, see Bitcoin’s Impact on Banks, followed by a rigorous selection process, ensured a stellar group of experts contributed to the report.

In phase 1, which lasted three weeks, 35 experts (including CEOs, top tier university professors, technologists, data scientists, banking professionals, and consultants--both Bitcoin enthusiasts and skeptics) contributed. In phase 2, which lasted two weeks, 28 experts continued honing in on the issues. Finally, in phase 3 which lasted three weeks, a team of 4 experts, namely Yegii experts Shep (, John (, Vin ( and franc ( crafted a report with input from senior leadership from a leading global bank, under supervision by Yegii's staff as well as a dedicated resource from Yegii's Board of Directors. Throughout the expert on demand process, Yegii's brain trust could make use of an evolving list of relevant cryptocurrency knowledge assets, see Bitcoin knowledge assets
“Emerging currencies provide a challenge to the financial system, but also to individual banks. Lobbying regulators to shut innovation down will only work in the short term, and likely not in all geographies. It is a bit like denying globalization.” Trond Undheim, Founder, Yegii, Inc.
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