Yegii announces Bitcoin competition

WELLESLEY, MA – August 11, 2014-- -- Yegii Inc., the insight network, and Santander, one of the world’s largest banks, is announcing the kickoff of Bitcoin’s Impact on Banks, the business consulting challenge that is launching tomorrow on Yegii is looking for a small team of contributors by a 20 August 2014 deadline, calling critics, supporters, academics, industry professionals, etc. for an ecosystem competition to solve this challenge for Santander. For more information, go to:

Santander has asked Yegii’s crowdsourced experts to analyze the impact of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies on banks and devise a strategic course of action. The three step process ends in both a modest cash payout and a written report. Highlights from the report will be made available to the public on

“Bitcoin and other emerging currencies provide an interesting challenge to the financial system. Assessing its impact on banks is important, not just to banks, but to believers and sceptics alike in the general public. User dynamics will ultimately be equally important to Bitcoin’s potential success as the technology behind it. Yegii’s multidisciplinary approach for sourcing expertise ensures the controversial topic of Bitcoin’s impact will get a fair treatment.” Trond Undheim, Founder, Yegii, Inc.
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Yegii’s business challenges (video): Bitcoin’s Impact on Banks (Yegii challenge):

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Contact: Tina Choi, COO