Yegii Compete Company FAQ

Yegii compete is our open innovation competition where crowdsourced experts compete to solve your top business challenges. A Yegii competition has three stages. In each stage you interact with several Yegii experts:


You choose a topic, give a brief description of the business challenge you want views on, indicate preferred methodology (if any), and upload relevant documents (if applicable). You also indicate a project prize and a submission deadline. In stage 1, you ask a simple question: What approach would you use to solve this business challenge? You can choose a closed or an open competition (strongly recommended). In an open competition, experts can see each other’s entries and can refine several times based on your input. Also, experts are anonymous to you at this stage. Furthermore, you do not need to commit to going through with the competition and pay out prize money until Stage 2 (although confirmed competitions get higher participation). Yegii staff may contact you to clarify the business challenge. Then, as Yegii advertises it, you wait for submissions to come in. When they do, you pick the top 3-15 experts who are allowed to enter Stage

  • $95,000: 7 expert entries guaranteed. Minimum 3-week process for all three stages.
  • $125,000: 25 expert entries guaranteed.
  • $150,000: 50 expert entries guaranteed. Accelerated completion time, if desired.
  • $200,000: 75 expert entries guaranteed. Accelerated completion time, if desired.
    (Numbersare subject to change as Yegii reaches critical mass)

For your convenience, we list the main items on the Challenge Submission form:

  • Topic (1 sentence).
  • Prize/size of project (tick boxes).
  • Submission deadline (phase 1-3).
  • Description (1-2 paragraphs).
  • Methodology (w/menu of choices that matches the one I just gave you for register as expert and for each knowledge asset).
  • Link to relevant Yegii Knowledge assets: allow up to 5 links to key sources you want the experts to consult.
  • Upload relevant documents (optional).

The submission goes to Yegii's competent Competition Staff who can post the competition after making certain adjustments. They will most likely be in touch to clarify certain things, either via email or via phone. To contact them, please email info [at] yegii [dot] com Please ensure you have registered correct contact details in your organizational profile.



The experts you have chosen to go on competing will now be given a small slice of the topic of your challenge. They are asked to come up with their solution. For best results, you can iterate with the experts several times.

"Once you are happy, you pick the top experts".

Experts are still anonymous to you but once you pick the finalists, their identity is revealed and you get access to their full profile with their CV. If you want to hire the experts after the project is over, that can be discussed.



In the finalist stage, you interact with the experts via email, phone, and face to face if practical, and you may also share with them confidential documents, such as previous analysis you have had done on the topic, details about your business, and the budget you have to work on the business challenge (if applicable).

Experts competing with you in Stage 3 have access to all previous entries. Experts still submit the solution online and you pick a winner, who is paid the entire amount. Alternatively, you can designate the entire team as winners and they will share the prize equally between themselves.

For the higher prized challenges you will typically work with and award small teams. Remember: Yegii is not simply a broker of experts or teams of experts.

Throughout the Yegii Challenge, Yegii's templates as well as quality control process will ensure the milestones and final deliverables are of high quality. Before a final product is sent to you as the client, it will undergo review by Yegii's editors, management experts, Board Members and, in the higher value packages, also subject matter expert review.