Yegii Compete Expert FAQ

Yegii In-Depth Analysis is our open innovation competition where you as an expert compete to solve a client's top business challenges. See Current Client Challenges.

Once you have picked the challenge you want to compete in, a Yegii competition has three stages:



Read the client's brief topic description and answer the client's question on how you would solve his or her challenge and upload relevant documents (if applicable). You are encouraged to link to relevant Yegii Knowledge assets. It might be smart to link to assets where you are a top expert or an asset you created/uploaded on Yegii.

In stage 1, clients typically ask a simple question: What approach would you use to solve this business challenge? You submit a brief, paragraph's answer, competing for the client's attention. Once the deadline is up, the client will develop invite a shortlist to stage 2. Please ensure you have a complete expert profile, with full bio, contact details, and payment information.



The client now gives you the topic of your challenge. You are asked to come up with an example of how you would solve an example of the entire client challenge. Most of the time, the Stage 2 question is focused on methodology and data sources, key differentiators in any project.

The client can iterate with the experts several times. Once the client is happy, he or she will pick the top experts to join the team. These experts now become the finalist team (unless the client chooses to make it individually competitive in the last stage as well).

Experts are still anonymous to you but once the finalists are picked, their identity is revealed and you the client gets access to your full profile including your CV. At the end of Stage 2, the client picks a winner, or a winning team, who is guaranteed to be paid 70 percent of the challenge amount (with the caveat that if a 360 evaluation of the team finds there is one or more free riders, as judged by the other team members, no compensation is guaranteed for that team member). The work on the final deliverable can begin.



Stage 3 is where you analyse, collaborate, and provide the final analysis. Experts still submit the final solution online (if it is a group project, each expert will upload the same final deliverable to prove you collaborated). In the finalist stage, you interact with the client and with team members via email, phone, and face to face if practical. If you want to use a digital workspace, Yegii's Basecamp account or indeed a tool of the team's own choosing might work equally well, although sometimes Yegii or the client will dictate the tools to use for a particular project. The client may also share with you confidential documents, such as previous analysis done on the topic, details about their business, and the budget you have to work on the business challenge (if applicable).

Experts (or team members) competing with you in Stage 3 have access to all previous entries. Yegii will supply a slide deck template (or written report) which typically is the basis for the final delivery.

Yegii final deliverables could take ten hours work or it could take 30, this is not controlled or even very relevant. What the client and Yegii cares about is that the final result is an excellent piece of work you can be proud, of which is endorsed by Yegii's editors and advisory board, and which delivers on the client's ask. The final 30 percent is only paid as a bonus if the client is happy with the work (in which case you also receive 500 Yegii points bonus). For the higher prized challenges you will typically work with teams of 3-7 people. Stage 3 typically lasts 1-2 months, depending on whether there are client delays. During this time, the team is expected to work part-time (up to 20% of their time), although it may amount to somewhat more hours around delivery deadlines.