Yegii Points

Yegii points is Yegii's peer recognition program, a way to acknowledge the activity and reliability of registered members. Yegii points are among the factors that goes into an expert's ranking which, in turn, determine the likelihood of being matched to clients and developing a regular income stream from Yegii. Each activity a registered user performs on the portal is awarded a numerical value which is associated to the member's profile. In other words: the higher the total number of Yegii points a member has, the more active he/she is. Yegii points do not only help to locate highly active Yegii members within the community; they also serve to track down users with profiles, ratings, comments, and posts highly rated by their peers.

The following is a list of the activities awarded with Yegii points:

Personal profile (Activity Score)
Register with complete personal profile (including all compulsory fields): 100 Yegii points.
Update user profile - public profile: 20 Yegii points.
Update user profile - complete profile: 20 Yegii points.
Update user profile - picture : 20 Yegii points.

Ratings (Activity Score)
Rating a portal asset: 10 Yegii points.
Rating your own asset: -1000 Yegii points.

Propose (Activity Score)
Yegii Insight Blog post: 300 Yegii points.
Comment: 40 Yegii points.
Propose an asset: 40 Yegii points.
Respond to a portal activity (survey, voting, other): 40 Yegii points.

Consulting (Activity Score)
Answer a question: 100 Yegii points.
Picked as winning answer: 200 Yegii points.
Respond to In-depth analysis 500 Yegii points.
Winning In-depth analysis: 1000 Yegii points.

Login (Activity Score)
Login to the portal (with user name and password): 10 Yegii points.
(Maximum 10 Yegii points per week)
No login to the portal during a month: -10 Yegii points.