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Why cracking cancer is important to me


Cracking cancer is among the most ambitious goals of contemporary medicine. We have never been closer. A tremendous amount of innovation is ongoing. I'm finally at the epicenter of it all, and in a position to help shape it, at least in some small way. This is no coincidence. Here's why: cancer is personal.


Can parenthood prepare you for entrepreneurship?

Of all the experiences I’ve had over the course of my life…perhaps the thing that’s prepared me most for entrepreneurship is parenting: being ultra efficient due to time constraints, taking negative feedback better (some would say that wasn't hard given the starting point), being ultra-aware of your environment, modeling how your kid questions e


Why interning for a tech startup can change your finance career

“Yegii is an educational platform for young people where they can show both their passion and their insight regardless of the school they went to” says Daniel Kim, who interned at Yegii, the insight network, over the summer, “what we’re trying to do is find information above the noise”.