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Alex (USA/Canada)

Alex is a business developer with an emerging expert network, has a bacherlor's degree in entrepreneurship and technology from a North American college, is a deep thinker, a web developer and a serial entrepreneur.

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Trondau (USA/Canada)

Trond is the CEO of an open innovation company in the USA, a Senior Lecturer at a major university on the East Coast, and also the Managing Director of a boutique consulting shop focused on competitive intelligence as well as idea incubation. He is a Strategy and Business Development Executive, a Speaker, and also the author of a leadership book (2008). He also writes a wine column. Trond was previously the Director of Standards Strategy and Policy EMEA for a large software company.

Number of assets uploaded: 50
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Number of reviews: 23

BrianN (USA/Canada)

Brian considers himself a systems engineer, and has expertise in developing technology from scientific concepts to commercial products. His focus is on chemical manufacturing and nanotechnology, but he has also worked extensively with instrumentation, controls, and has a broad background as it relates to developing new technology and business models. His startup is scaling up manufacturing of new nanomaterials using advanced custom equipment, and it has successfully received grants to do this project. He has also worked for a well known high tech battery company, and consulted for companies working in waste processing, microreactors, imaging, and LED lighting. He worked actively in academic research from 2001-2011, and has since been working in industry and consulting both for my own startup and for other companies.

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