Yegii is now taking on clients that satisfy certain innovation criteria and will work with others in exceptional cases.

Both companies and individuals can sign up for a free 30-day trial. Experts participate free of charge, but need to show minimum participation to keep a free subscription.

Knowledge Platform

Hundreds of reports and datasets ranked by peers. Only the knowledge that matters.

Individual subscription


Individual experts can register and get fee access to upload a profile, search on the portal, get a Yegii rank etc. You can also compete in a business challenge.

Company subscription

Small company

(1-99 employees)


Medium size company

(100-999 employees)



(1000+ employees)


Enterprise edition


Full integration of customized Yegii platform to monitor company knowledge and access to Yegii's open innovation community when needed - the best of both worlds.

Business Challenges

Receive in-depth insight for your business challenge.

One expert


* 7 competing expert entries
guaranteed. Individual expert fee (not open call) as low as $750-3000.



* 10-50 competing expert entries

Team plus client


Team w/face-to-face facilitation


* workshop facilitation is extra

Punchcard: 10 Team challenges for only


* Equivalent to a 50% discount/challenge

Asset Review Service

Publisher? Author? Association?

Get Your report ranked and included in Yegii industry index.

First 10 assets


Subsequent assets