Typically unimpressed by strategy consultants?

Yegii's products can help. Get slide decks on a custom topic, perhaps Strategy/Market/Tech trends, produced by multidisciplinary teams custom sourced to your business challenge. Yegii's Business Intelligence Dashboard compliments the offering. Do you know the top 3 publications in your field over the last 6-12 months? We can help. Subscribe to keywords of your choice. Perhaps "big data", "data security", "global health", "senior care", or "intelligent transportation" - you want it, we master it.


Top teams and insights at your fingertips


Asset Ranking

Scan the Yegii index

Scan the Yegii index for top knowledge assets.

Detect any in-house

Detect any in-house knowledge gaps.

Conduct your own intial analysis

Conduct your own intial analysis.

Frame a specification

Frame a specification for an in-depth analysis by Yegii.

Yegii Q&A

Yegii Q&A

Ask a question

Ask a question.

Pay a small fee

Pay a small fee.


Yegii experts will answer.


Answers will be public and archieved.

Yegii enterprise edition

Yegii enterprise edition

Opt to share knowledge on Yegii, internally, or both.

Map your knowledge assets to an in-house expert.

Monitor your organization's top assets.

Benchmark against other organizations using Yegii.

Yegii Business Challenges

Yegii Business Challenges

business challenge

Spell out your business challenge in a paragraph or more.

Get Insights

Get Insights from Yegii experts & bring in your ecosystem (employees, clients, partners, etc.)

Pick a winner

Pick a winner or, if you want a winning team.


Meet the expert/team-co-create solution.

Yegii's Insight Process

Stage 1


Top ranked Yegii experts spell out how they would solve the challenge. Bring in your own ecosystem (employes, clients, partners) if you wish. Narrow down the pool to top contestants.

insight process
Stage 3


Work with the expert or team to resolve your challenge.

Stage 2


Ask your insight pool a specific question which is a small part of the puzzle you are trying to solve.Pick your final expert or team based on who has the most convincing solution.

Yegii's process is quick and typically leads to ne, even better formulated challenges.
Yegii X

Yegii X

Contact Yegii to do an extreme innovation project.

Share insight about your company’s visions, challenges and opportunities.

Together, we build a custom process. We join up frameworks-yours and ours.We apply it to a real issue.

We co-create, experience the difference, and reflect deeply on what we learned.



Yegii Compete FAQ for Companies

Topic: The 3-5 year Outline for Wind in the US

Client: National Grid
Deadline: Sunday, April 20, 2014

Yegii Compete FAQ for Experts

Topic: Bitcoin's Impact on Banks

Client: Santander
Deadline: Wednesday, June 25, 2014

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